Added: 11.11.2019 09:01
A few t-shirts have bad printing quality of the logo. You can receive a new one.

We have received information from a few that the t-shirt might have bad printing quality of the logos. The producer Tshirt.no is willing to send you a new t-shirt if you send them an e-mail to jan.erik@tshirt.no including a picture similar to the one above showing the logo both on the chest and on the arm. If the producer approve that the picture shows bad printing quality, the producer will send the t-shirt directly to you, so please inform about:

  • Sex
  • Size
  • Month and year when you received the bad t-shirt
  • Your complete address.

 It will be possible to do this until the end of January 2020, and not later.

The problems that our t-shirts don't reach some of you despite correct address is not possible to solve.